Beyond the wall

I had a long nap.

Feeling a slight sense of loss.

Lingering scent from strange dream.

I was wandering the downtown to be guided to the last note.

While walking down the street I ask myself.

“Why I started to study English?”

Possibly, I might have been fed up with something of Japan.

It is something like a wall of boring graffiti.

No art on its walls. There is only chaos.

I think that we Japanese are surrounded by such a thing.

So I want to make a buffer zone between Japan and myself.

Learning a foreign language is to make a buffer zone for me.

I know that my English is broken. But I'm going to scrape together the debris.

And I will make the stepladder using it.

I want to see the sight beyond the wall, such as to transform the life.

Learning a foreign language is very similar to meditation.